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I'm not doing this to make a profit, but I'm asking for just enough to cover costs.

  • Badges are quite easily obtained, for around €0,65 each (it can get much cheaper in bulk, but I don't have the capital for that).
  • Handling the payment costs around €0,30 per transaction.
  • Posting badges within Finland costs €1.00

With an extra €0,05 for other costs, like this website, this is how we end up at the price of €1.00 for a badge, and €1,00 for postage.

Because of the savings that can be made combining payment processing and postage, buying 10 badges costs €8,00, plus €1,00 for postage.

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At the moment, the only way to get a badge is to order one here. Postage is charged at a flat rate, so it's fine to combine orders for a few people or get a spare badge or two!

Postage is only available to Finland at the moment

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About Me

I'm Matthew, I'm a software engineer and I like making things.

I try and practice my basic Finnish all the time, but sometimes, it can be a bit of a challenge when everyone in Finland speaks such great English.

I wrote a story about why I started this project on Medium.

Right now, I consider this project an experiment. If it goes well, it has some really interesting possibilities. I'm open to any discussions about the project and direction, so please, get in touch!